was unfocused, overwhelmed with energy, grieving and moving into a new chapter of my life.....in one session Eli provided me with tools to rid myself of the negative energies I was attracting. He identified where I came from and what to do to go on....thank you Eli...my journey has been far more successful and enjoyable again. - Miranda Haupt

I feel Eli and Molly have helped me in many ways. Since Eli has been doing energy healing on me I have lost weight and my "bad" days have decreased. I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis. - Violet Kaiser

I had the opportunity to experience a home clearing and personal energy healing from Eli. The space of my home now feels so much more peaceful & harmonious. Eli's personal energy clearing is equally as powerful through his magical shamanic medicine chants. He is a gifted & completely natural energy healer. I immediately was moved into tears, feeling the release throughout my entire body and then into joy. I feel balanced, centered & calm & ready to move forward in the next steps of my soul's journey with inner peace & confidence.

Eli and Molly's healing/yoga circles are equally powerful for releasing what no longer serves us, intention setting for your goals & visions, expanding your inner light & beyond. I would highly recommend experiencing yoga, healing circles and/or a personal session with Eli.

Notice what changes for you & around you. In Gratitude, Brenda www.brendainnes.com

I have been helped, remarkably with one session. I have had a lower back problem for years, I tried Chiropractors, but the manipulation was so harsh. In one session with Molly and Eli, my back felt lighter yet stronger. I have had no back ache and my session was in September of 2013! - Corinne Warner

Working with Eli one on one and also in group settings has allowed me greater freedom of mind and body. He is receptive and greatly intuitive to exactly what healing you need and is very skilled in his art. He is medecine for the soul. I felt much more free from my emotions and more grounded after a session with him as well as experiencing longterm change in my thinking and behavioral patterns.  OH and he also makes some kick-&*@  vegan muffins!  - Chelsea Isherwood


If you would like a joint reading with Molly & Eli, please