goddess rising mentorship



Are you ready to take yourself to the next level and rise to become the strong, powerful and glowing being that you truly are? Through a Goddess Rising Mentorship with Molly, you can reach new heights in what you believe to be possible!

We begin with an initial consultation – what are you challenges, what are your goals? Then, once a week you will be sent a package with Tools and Projects to move you through your goals with vibrancy - supporting and guiding you into a way of living life that is awake and aware.  We will meet together each week online, with unlimited text and email support when you need it. Mentorships last between 3 – 12 months and are tailored to each person, flowing and evolving as we move through your challenges and triumphs together!

This program is excellent for Yoga Teachers, Healers, those learning to Meditate, and women and girls who want to empower their understanding of their own magic and infinite potential. Online mentorships begin at $300/month, and there  are options for in-person Mentorships that involve more hands-on healing and direct training to become an Empowered Healer/Teacher/Lover-of-Life. 

Are you ready to live as your most vibrant self?!  

For those who feel called to working with Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, I offer free Mentorships on working with Essential Oils as a Medicine Tool, as well as in Conscious and Abundant Business, and Empowerment of the Wild and Independent Woman to those who sign up on my team to grow their own business with doTerra Essential Oils. Click the link below to find out more!