Divine Light Energy Healing

Work with light touch, breath work and conversational exploration through the mind, emotions and the body. Energy healing or Divine Light Energy Healing from Eli and Molly is a gentle, respectful way to let go, relax, de-stress and feel rejuvenated and free of the things that hold you back in life. Work with Eli or Molly to process anything from physical aches and pains to deeply ingrained traumas and negative sub-conscious patterns! Come out of a session feeling lighter, brighter and ready to take on life with a fresh perspective and the tools you need to keep yourself clear as the process of healing continues!

intuitive Energy Massage

Energy massage from Molly connects one to the emotional body through touch to find and release emotional and energetic blockages. Through releasing the points of tension within the body, learn to allow the sweet flow of energy that you deserve. Molly will help you to let go of any stagnant or stuck energies that have been repressed and stored in the body by honing in directly on the areas that need to be released. Come out of a session feeling lighter, free of tension and ready to move with ease through the rest of day/week.

indian head massage

An Ayurvedic form of healing, release tension in the upper back, neck, upper arms, head and face. This is an effective way to clear blockages of tension in the body. The combination of massage techniques restores balance, harmony and clarity to the body's natural energy flow.  

black pearl healings

This healing technique works deep into the systems in the body to clear emotional and physical trauma. It works on the Central Nervous System, the Circulatory System, Meridian Pathways, Internal Organs and Electrical Energy Systems. A Black Pearl Healing Session also clears traumas held in the Amygdala neurons in the brain, which process memories associated with emotional events. The process includes a Spinal Flush to discharge stress and regulate the Central Nervous System. This healing will leave you feeling emotionally and physically clear and powerful! 

sound healings and song circles

Experience the transformative power of intentional song and vibrational sounds to heal on all levels of your being. Awaken yourself at the very cellular level of your being as every molecule shifts its frequency to one of peace, harmony and positive creative action in the world. 

Home/Space Clearing 

Great for  families, offices or real-estate.

Through work with families, realtors and offices , we have cleansed stagnant energy out of many spaces, improving the quality of life in homes, and increasing the productivity of office spaces. We have worked extensively with Realtors, clearing stagnant listings and speeding up the sales process for homes that have been on the market for an extended period of time with little to no movement. Whether your concern is your family home, your office, or a space you are selling, a Space Clearing will bring lightness, brightness and will help to bring out the full potential of those who live and work there!


Through scanning the body and the energies within and around it, such as the chakras and the aura, Eli will help you to find clarity on any issues that are holding you back in your life. A reading can answer questions, and can help you find the places within you that need release and healing.


Molly guides you to a deeper understanding of your soul and its work by reading Soul cards and feeling the energies within you. Receive insight towards specific questions, or have a general reading to gain a better understanding of your past, present and future! 


Any of our sessions can be done in person, or around the world via Skype! Tuning in to your energy with the audio/visual capabilities of Skype allows us to do our healing work for you wherever you may be! Be in touch...